Fellow Cadets and Friends:
This is an update on Robert (Bob) Green.  He is in St Vincents Hospital on Belford Road room 400, Jacksonville, Florida.  He had Surgery on his back.  They took out the screws that held him together.  He is in a lot of pain and has a lot of drugs in him.  I plan on going to see him on Thur some time.  I will report any other news after my visit.  I just got a phone call and he says he will be getting out of the Hospital on Thur.  I hope to see him Thur.
I know he needs all the Prayers from everyone so remember him when you are Praying.
Thanks and good seeing those that went to the Reunion.

Robert E. Mouro Sr.
Florida Military School
Class of “66”
10996 Beckley Place
Jacksonville, Florida 32246