Message from our new FMSA President

Tommy Register

It is with humility that I accept the position as President of FMS Alumni Association upon the resignation of our recently elected President, Don Campbell.  While I was initially elected to serve as Vice-President, I am thankful to the Board of Directors for the confidence shown in me and graciously accept this appointment. Rest assured I recognize this will not be an easy task as I am aware of the current animosity and hostility among some of our members.  To quote our fellow cadet, Thornton Ridinger, at the conclusion of our last business meeting, “it was no fun.”  That should not be our feelings when departing from a FMS event.  Whether it is a business meeting or social function, we should depart our events feeling glad that we attended and not disappointed that we went.

In assuming the duties as President of this association I shall have but one purpose and that will be for the benefit of this association and its members.  To accomplish this, I will adhere strictly to the By-Laws of this association and govern accordingly.  We must ALL work TOGETHER and this I will expect.  Under my tenure as President, I will not tolerate discord of any kind among our members.  If this association is to survive then we all need to examine our individual reasons for being a part of it and ask ourselves, “How am I being a positive influence?”  This association is meant to unite and uplift us as fellow cadets, united by our love for FMS.  In the 15 years that I have been a member of this association and actively involved in many of its activities, I have never witnessed the level of animosity currently existing among some of our members.  Folks, this is not the reason our association was founded!  Quite frankly, aren’t we too old for all this drama?  We not only need to be reminded of “The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done To You,” but we also need to be reminded of our Cadet Code Number 4 contained in our Code of Ethics, “To refrain from any act or deed or the use of any word that might bring discredit to myself, my fellow cadets or the school.”  Have we not all gained enough experience through our years to realize we must not only be good talkers but we must also be good listeners? For when we do so, we find our relations improved and our achievements enhanced.

I look forward to serving as your leader while we work together as a team to restore harmony and unity among this group of cadets. While this gives me a good place to start, my mission doesn’t end there. I want to continue hearing your ideas, getting your feedback, and finding out more ways, I and your new Board of Directors can better serve you. Remember, your Board of Directors can accomplish very little without your continued effort and support.  Please provide your loyal assistance so that our association may flourish.  You may submit any suggestions, comments, or grievances directly to me via email at   Please include your name for follow-up purposes. As your President, I pledge to you that each comment will be given the consideration it deserves.

Remember, we can accomplish much more if we work together instead of tearing one another apart.  It’s not about what we can do as individuals on our own; it’s about what we can do as one united association.  Please help us do that by working with us and not against us.  My fellow cadets, if life were a football game, most of us are in the 4th quarter.  Let us please work together andenjoy what time we have left!!!  Last, but not least, let us remember that our founder and leader, Colonel Ward, is watching us from the “barracks in the sky” and I know we all want to make him most proud!  It makes me sad to imagine what he must think of some of us and our actions of late.

Thank you again for your continued support.  I pray God’s blessings upon you and yours and upon FMS.

Loyally in FMS,

Tommy Register

Thomas W. Register, III

Class of ‘61